bookcover omow siteGod had a plan in the beginning for men and women. One Man One Woman discloses God’s original design and purpose for sex and marriage.

There is a revolution happening in our world today: Traditional marriage is under fire, conventional sex is taking a back seat to polyamorous relationships and homosexual exploration. Sexual identity is becoming a matter of subjective preference and choice rather than a birthright and a blessing from God. Consequently, divorce rates are accelerating and Christian marriage values are slipping slowly into the minority view. But, God had a plan in the beginning and marriage was and still is a part of that plan. No matter how far we as a society deviate from that plan, God’s original plan will culminate in an eternal restoration of His design. In One Man One Woman we take a bold and honest look at how the ever-changing society we live in has wandered so far from an unchanging God and His will. In this book we uncover truths about marriage, divorce, pornography, adultery, homosexuality, judgment and other related topics. If you have questions about any of these topics, welcome to One Man One Woman.

This whole book started as bits and pieces of personal teaching notes and Bible studies-loosely organized in a document folder. A majority of the chapters in One Man One Woman are adapted directly from my personal Bible studies and teaching notes. The actual inspiration for the book itself came when I was talking to my children’s youth pastor about how he would handle a homosexual couple entering a youth Bible study or some other gathering. What we discussed was the fact there was no specific written policy or code in our church that addresses hot-button issues like homosexuality, adultery, divorce and other like issues. Because of that, I penned a “statement of beliefs” that became the premise for the whole book.

Craig has worked diligently to present both a Biblical and logical argument for the exclusivity of marriage between a man and a woman. No matter from which side of the issue you approach this book, it is worth the read because it will stimulate you to intellectually weigh the issues.
Linn Winters

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