Craig Stellpflug




Health Coach

Craig has always had a genuine heart for helping people. As a former pastor, well-published author, and retired child development and cancer nutrition expert, Craig has acquired volumes of life experience. Since retiring from the natural medicine field, Craig has relocated to the Pacific Northwest to enjoy the slower-paced “Mayberry life”. Meanwhile, he continues writing and publishing books with the intent of helping even more people than before. As a result, Craig is reaching thousands of people weekly as his messages of health for body, brain and spirit have expanded globally through online teaching and international publishing.

Nothing in life is free.. This website is filled with free information representing years of research and experience in helping others. I have chosen not to have ads here, so if you have been blessed by the content, please consider supporting the costs for this website by donating here. Your donations are much appreciated!

  • Cancer Talk! Natural Cancer Treatments
    Natural cancer treatments: Cancer is a symptom and not a disease! Here we discuss WHAT cancer is and HOW to treat cancer naturally. Find the treat the cause of the symptoms and disease disappears!
  • Talking about gut health!
    Immune health and mental health both begin in the gut.
  • Life-threatening sinkholes
    If your health is built on a sinkhole of bad food, drugs and sedentary lifestyle? Step away from the health sinkhole!
  • Swishing for mouth health
    Oil pulling recipe to help heal teeth and gums, freshen breath and improve your overall health.
  • Coronavirus reinfection
    Those who have recovered from Covid 19 actually help those around them build protection against infection.
Craig’s books

Fixing the Brain Book 1, restoring order to brain disorder

Fixing the Brain Book 2, brain structure vs function